Founded by K3Lg3R (AKA “Edge”) Retro’s goal is to provide a fun and fair place to play and hang out with fellow Quake III Arena gamers whether you are new to the game or a long time player. Retro staff are willing to help with any game setup questions and actively moderate our servers and Discord channels to keep things running smoothly.

Retro servers are currently located in the US in various cities to provide the best gaming experience for players all over North and South America. Currently Retro hosts the busiest Quake 3 CTF server in the world with numerous players connecting every evening. All games are ranked via VSP stats allowing players to see where they stack up against the competition.

Retro Quake 3 servers exclusively host “ZMOD” which is actively being developed with new features to provide everyone with new and exciting enhancements not found anywhere else. Some of the features include custom item placements, weapon enhancements, team balancing and ranking to name a few.