Client Setup

You can optimize your Quake 3 experience by editing your “q3config.cfg” file located in the “baseq3” directory where your game is installed. We have listed some common settings that many players use below. ALWAYS backup your config file BEFORE making changes to ensure you can run your game properly. Some of the settings below will only work if you copy some of the OSP-Client-Files to your “baseq3” directory.

\rate 25000
\snaps 40
\com_maxfps 125
\cl_maxpackets 125
\com_hunkMegs 512
\cg_fov 125
\cg_enemyModel “Keel/pm”
\cg_enemyColors “iiii”

Even though the game is now over 20 years old, the quake3 executable continues to be updated to take advantage of modern day hardware. There are a few different versions available but you can grab one of the most popular ones (Quake3e) here. This will enable you to take advantage of 64bit support, redirected downloads via HTTP/HTTPS, improved display settings among other things.

***You only need to COPY the version of the EXE file into your “Quake III Arena” root directory that is supported by your system. You do not need any of the other files contained in the ZIP. In MOST cases, this will be “quake3e.x64.exe”. You can launch your game using this new file and adjust your shortcuts as well.***

The following guide applies to Windows 10:

Full screen to match desktop.

If you cannot adjust screen resolution for what you want, then you manually change setting through console. For best results, your manual settings should match your desktop resolution.

Copy paste in console one line at a time. DO NOT paste any comments inside of ()’s.

\r_fullscreen 0
\r_mode -2 (will attempt to match your desktop resolution)

Stop here if your resolution is desired result or continue to customize.

\r_mode -1
\r_customaspect 1
\r_customheight 1080 (match your desktop resolution)
\r_customwidth 1920 (match your desktop resolution)

To check your settings:


Color Guide (Nickname)

When typing your name into the console, enter a caret: ^ (by holding down the SHIFT key, and pressing number 6 on the top row) and then a number between 0 and 9. The caret will disappear, and now all the text you type will be in a different colour. You can switch colors as often as you like. When you press return, the name is saved into your Quake 3 config so u only have to type it once.

The color codes are as follows
^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Light Blue
^6 = Magenta
^7 = White
^8= Orange
^9= Grey
^0= Black

The same color codes can also be used to color chat text
-How can I make my text blink or fade?
These are features of OSP. OSP knows an additional number of ^ controls next to the standard colors. Here’s a list of the OSP controls:

^B or ^b = this makes your text blink
^F = only makes the text visible the 1st half of a second
^f = only makes the text visible the 2nd half of a second
^X[rrggbb] = Gives the text a colored shadow. Replace [rrggbb] with the hex value of the desired color. Example: ^XFF0000 is red and ^X777777 is some kind of grey.
^N = This resets all the ^ controls, making the text behind it look like normal again

RGB hexagon for ^X[rrggbb] Color name…

RGB/Hex Color “Wheel” – John Laudun